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Talking Mythical - looking for members!

Hello Everyone,

I've got a new guild with some friends, there are 6 of us forming the core part of the guild, we will be active daily and donating 100% of our city guard gold to the guild.

We're looking to branch out, as on other servers we've managed top 100 - this time we're aiming for top 50. Below is the guild description in-game

English Speaking
Gold:16% XP:16%
6/10 guildmembers - 4 left

- spend 50% of the city guard each day!
- 30% mount and min. lvl 15!
- 100 Alu each day
- take part in fights!
- If you are inactive for a certain period of time, please contact Ismektra!
- Contact us if you need a guild and if we are full we try our best to get space for you as soon as possible!

Obviously the gold and xp numbers will go up as you donate, so the more you donate the better the guild will be!

Happy Hunting,

P.S. if you want to join, or are looking for merging, mail Ismektra.
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